Character Creation

Part 1- Concept

Before mechanics, before dice and attributes and features and all the other bits of crunch that provide your character a backbone in the game’s world, there must be a concept. Who are you? What do you think of who you are? Where will your character be in five years?

All characters are, by default, citizens of the City-State of Rix. Even still, Rix is an immigrant state itself and so there is room for all sorts within it’s borders

Part 2- Attributes

Divide 7 points amongst your 3 attributes: Strength, Agility and Will. None may be lower than 1.

  1. Poor
  2. Average
  3. Good
  4. Great
  5. Human Maximum

Part 3- Derived Values

Your health is equal to your Will score * 14. This determines your ability to stubbornly press on even after taking grevious damage.

Your reflex pool is equal to your Agility score. This gives you points that can be used to save you from particularly harmful mistakes.

Step 4- Features

Pick 3 features.

Step 5- Equipment

You may begin play with 1 type of armor and 3 weapons. You may carry as much and as varied adventuring gear as you wish, but you only possess what items you expressly designate on your character sheet at the time of character creation.

If you choose a ranged weapon, assume you have plenty of ammunition.

If you choose a thrown weapon, you may begin with 5 such a weapons.

Step 6- Lore

A character can be assumed to start playing knowing Common Rixian and any dialect native to their Alder, though few true distinct languages exist: the refugees who came to Rix already shared the Rixian language. Characters know the basic common knowledge of Rix for free, and should select two Lores that reflects their character’s profession or upbringing, like Lore: Mountebank or Lore: Nautical. These should be interpreted broadly by the ST. Lore: Sorcery and Lore: the Fair Folk are both very useful Lores for starting adventurers.

Character Creation

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